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Our Partners' Stories
Better Business Relationship Starts Here
Learn how our partners maximize their business potentials using our Business Acceleration Program 
" I have been able to do business at home and leverage my time.
I am now very much on purpose and get out of bed full of excitement every day as I continue to build my dreams. " 
- Samantha Ortiz , 29
Our Partners' Stories
Better Business Relationship Starts Here
Learn how our partners maximize their business potentials using our Business Acceleration Program 
"I have been able to do business at home and leverage my time.
I am now very much on purpose and get out of bed full of excitement every day as I continue to build my dreams." 
- Samantha Ortiz , 29
Helping Our Partners Succeed With Their Dream Businesses
What Our Partners Say
What Our Partners Say
“I am a former executive director from a major corporation. I woke up one day and realized that I was making the money but I was never home. Travelling around the world without my wife was not fun. I had reached the pinnacle of the 'job' market but I did not have time freedom. Thanks to Zeal Zenith I found this business with magnificent tools available. It has transformed my life. I can do this business anywhere in the world and I never have to travel without my wife again. It gives me the flexibility to do all the other things I want to do in my life."
Eric Ray Bernabe , 43
“I was so full of passion when I started my business. But I experienced failures, and I started to think that having a business wasn’t for me. After attending a business discussion with Zeal Zenith, I realized that failure is needed to achieve success; it is the way we learn. There are only two options, and you get to make the decision: succeed or give up. If you move forward, you can only go up. Thanks to the business advice and strategies of Zeal Zenith, I now have enough income to free myself from financial worries that allows me to enjoy life.”
Marian Tesalona, 53
“I thought having a good profession as a certified public accountant and being employed in a reputable company would help me to achieve my dreams but in reality it's not. So I planned to start my dream business where I can maximize my time and efforts. Unfortunately, I have no experience in having a business and the question is, 'How and where do I start?' Thanks to the business solution of Zeal Zenith, they  helped me find the right solution to start to achieve my  dream business. Now, I feel more driven to get the business success that I am aiming for.”
Ron Michael Martinez, 27
“Previously, I was working for a company and after suddenly losing my job due to corporate downsizing, I began to search for a lucrative opportunity that I could work around with my kids. I came across this incredible business from home and have found it is giving me the perfect life. I am so grateful for this business support group, Zeal Zenith, for helping me build a strong business. Now, I work for myself and create the life I want for my family. I have time, freedom and choice. I am certainly on the path to a much more rewarding, fulfilling and balanced life."
Jasmine Pacheco, 32
"Spending years of working in the corporate world, I was accustomed to the 6-figure income, flexibility and good benefits, however I devoted 60 hours a week for that income. It finally hit me, it didn’t matter how many hours I worked as I was not going forward and enjoying life. Surely there had to be a better way than the typical 9-5 grind. Great thing I found this business support group, Zeal Zenith, I now have an Online Business I can run from anywhere in the world at anytime I choose – it is absolute freedom and the incredible income is the icing on the cake!”
Miguel Diegas, 41
“When I first planned to start my business, I was afraid that I didn’t have it in me to make it work. Zeal Zenith have helped me realized that it is possible and that my own fears were stopping me from growing. Once I changed my attitude, I could see that my dreams could come true. All it took was for me to believe in me. Hitting goals was exciting, but what is more exciting is realizing that this great business support group, Zeal Zenith, allows me to think and dream much bigger. Now, I can do what I love.”

Roselle Obedoza, 35
"Most people get into business to make a living. As for me, I find that a life worth living includes starting businesses. After having started a few, I want to start more. Now, I want to build a Home Business taking advantage of the Online Marketing Trend. Running a business is exciting. Starting them, however, has a set of unique challenges and thrills. Through the Program Stages of Zeal Zenith, I was able to start a Profitable International Online Business and my other businesses became more efficient and easy to operate."

Mario Stephan Andal, 39
"I'm working as a Hotel Service Worker in Hong Kong for 4 years until I realized that I wanted to live my dream of owning a business. Living in Hong Kong and observing the different products sold in the street markets inspired me to look for a product or service that has the potential to make a huge impact. I then came across a Business Support Group, Zeal Zenith, and they've provided me the Business & Marketing Model that is best fit with my location, market and resources. Now, I have the direction how to get my dream business."
Eunice Sandoval, 28
"I can’t imagine starting my business without the help of Zeal Zenith. The business recommendation assessment makes it a lot easier on what is the best business for me to start, considering I don't have any entrepreneurial experience. It also made me realize that I can reach my dream goal of having global operations, and that is through the online business and marketing platform recommendation they have. Overall, Zeal Zenith was a tremendous contributor to the success of my business startup. I highly recommend them and any resource that they offer."
Angelo Zaponte, 42
“I had been a stay at home Mom for 5 years where I dedicated all my time to my family. I then came to a point where I wanted a better life for us. Starting the business made my life completely transformed and evolved. Through the business advice and strategies of Zeal Zenith, I was able to work from home. With their support, I haven’t only grown personally but financially as well. It’s all about working smarter not harder. If I can do it, anyone can be successful, it’s just a choice, so go ahead and make the decision to educate yourself today."
Theresa Baylon, 29
"I was running my own Food Franchise Business when I plan to start another business venture, because for me, multiple businesses can provide financial security. So, I looked for an excellent Home-based Business opportunity and a proven program for generating profits online. The Business Acceleration Program of Zeal Zenith and its program stages, strategies and system has helped me sustain all my business. And the great thing is that I was able to expand my business globally."

Michael Virtucio, 36
"To me, having a successful life is being able to do my passion. After 18 years of being a Teacher, I realized doing your passion is not enough, that starting my own business is a great way to control my financial situation. With the help of Zeal Zenith's step-by-step System and Strategic Business Program, I was able to start and build an Online Business with duplicable, reliable, automated ways of completing key business processes. Now, I definitely have the great work/life balance I truly enjoy."

Ma. Elizabeth Macalintal, 49
"At first, I started with the intention of getting a promotion in a reputable company, but I finished with the plan to become a CEO. Prior to Zeal Zenith's Business Acceleration Program, my professional background encompassed three years working in corporate sales for a pharmaceutical company. My main motivation was to attain a senior leadership position in my chosen field. However, I'm also hopeful that it will open up more varied career opportunities. It then kept me thinking to look for a business mentor. It was then I found Zeal Zenith, who helped me turn my ideas and skills into business reality."

Gerardo Hernandez, 51
"I'm thankful to Zeal Zenith's business community, for giving me the insight to maximize my skills and experience into an opportunity I can call as my own. Besides sales and marketing, the company I'm connected with before places a lot of emphasis on transformational and team leadership. These skills have become indispensable in the real world of business because of the client situations I encounter on daily business operations. I’m glad that all the professional and personal relationships and contacts I built throughout my working life will now be used as for my own business."

Jenny Villarama, 34
"Before coming to Zeal Zenith, I was responsible for marketing in a real estate company. The job involved sales and supervision, some managerial knowledge and skills. I found Zeal Zenith and decided to pursue further study in business startups because I’m keen to integrate my previous work experience into my own strategic online sales business. I think that my marketing knowledge, leadership and communication skills that I’ve gathered from years of experience, together with the strategic platforms and systems provided by Zeal Zenith will improve the growth and development of my own business."

Gilbert Romero, 43
"Opportunities and skills are the shortest examples I can use to summarize the benefits I gained from being part of your FlexiSource Program (FSP). With FSP you learn more and the more you learn, the more confident you are. A confidence that grows weeks after weeks and gives you the tools to be better in your personal life and build more expertise and diverse skills in your professional business life. In addition, it has allowed me to maximize all the existing abilities and skills I have, improved my confidence and helped me develop my decision making and prioritization skills."

Angel Bautista, 27
"I'm a medical professional working full-time and I want to start a business that I can manage on top my existing work, but I have difficulty finding the right business for me. I came across with Zeal Zenith's Online Business Assessment and it's such a great help. Now, I successfully started my own E-commerce Business Platform with a simple, effective and efficient system they provided.I was able to start a business using the resources and capital I have. Most importantly, I am enjoying my experience as a beginner entrepreneur and excited for new learning from other entrepreneurs and mentors in this community."
Dan Abalos, 39
Zeal Zenith 5 Stars
"Because of Zeal Zenith, my business has a mission with clarity. They show me how to venture with vision too! They taught me how to adapt and change to the needs of the market and they will help you turn your ideas into plans and into action. If you require assistance or a fresh pair of eyes to look at an existing or new business, they will provide the business recommendation and solution you need.I would have no hesitation in recommending Zeal Zenith services to others."

Alicia Agustino, 56
"The business recommendation assessment of Zeal Zenith is a helpful tool that educated me about the current business trends and marketing strategies. Your business support consultants are a very good guide in goal setting, including creating strategic plans to achieve such goals and measuring progress. The result of my work with Zeal Zenith is that I have grown in confidence from a sales executive who never thought she wanted to have her own business, to today where I have succeeded in starting my own business, I am enjoying it, and it is growing in the ways that I plan."

Kate Bautista, 27
"I was able to see opportunities from a fresh perspective through Zeal Zenith's Business Assessment Tool. It provided extremely helpful recommendations on what business platform to start with the existing resources that you have. With the help of Zeal Zenith's business support consultants, I was able to develop a side of the business that complements my core objectives. They worked with me to understand my needs and offered sound advice as we looked at areas such as market research, product development and business awareness. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Zeal Zenith."

Jonas Oliverio, 46
"Earlier this year, me and my husband set out to find a new business. We were hesitant to engage an outside consultant, however, we knew we needed guidance in choosing the right new business for us to start, considering we have an existing coffee shop business. We want a business that we can do anytime and anywhere. We can confidently say that being in partner with Zeal Zenith was the right thing to do. Their business recommendation assessment helped us get a better picture of where we were, where we wanted to get to, and most importantly the business platform to start. They were very approachable and they really worked side-by-side with us."
Grachelle Briones, 34
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Zeal Zenith Master Class
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How to Develop New Products and Services, Create Market Value and Make the Competition Irrelevant
Zeal Zenith Master Class
Next Class : Business Model Generation
How to Develop New Products and Services, Create Market Value and Make the Competition Irrelevant